7 Ways To Start Reading Books – A Beginner’s Guide

Do you go blank when someone talks to you about books or book related topics? At that moment, do you feel like ‘I should also start reading from now on,’ and then totally forget about it? Happens most of the time, right? Then why not start it today than regretting later? Are you waiting for someone to give you a push? Well, this article will do that job. So, here are some points to consider if you want to start your reading journey.

1. Stop giving excuses

‘I don’t find time to read’ – this is a major excuse every person has for not to start reading. Seriously! Not even a half an hour in the weekend? Yes, re-think! Start from the most convenient time you can find. Then gradually increase your reading targets.

2. Decide yourself

You know yourself better. If you feel reading is of no benefit to you, then no one can help you. Every person who touches the heights is an avid reader. So, decide yourself whether or not you need a change in your life. Remember: No book you read is a waste.

3. Talk to a friend who reads

There will be at least one friend in your circle who is an avid reader. S/he is the one who will give you the first idea on what to start with. Ask them for some book recommendations. Let them know your preferred genres before giving recommendations, because people have different tastes in reading as well. Remember: At the end, the choice of book should be yours.

4. Read about reading

Now, if you have read till here, you know what I actually mean. If something inspires you to start reading or motivates you to read better, you should keep reading such stuff more and more.

5. Start with small goals

Always start with a petite book that you can finish in one sitting. If you go for a bigger book out of excitement and cannot finish it within a short period, you are never going to pick your second book. So, go for a short one. Remember: Begin with something that catches your attention.

6. Choose a book of your language

Reading never means it should be one in English. Your first book should be the one which you are comfortable to read and understand throughout. It can be your native language or mother tongue.

7. Do not compare yourself with others

You may find people of your age or even younger ones who read far more than you. Never mind. It’s your journey and you are on track. Congratulations! There may be people who discourage you from reading. They are the ones who never grow and never let you grow. Do not argue with them.

So, what are you waiting for? Your nearest library is waiting for you!


Maya Bhat
A Book Blogger and an Author of some Amazing Short Stories. An Indian living in Austria for the time being. Loves to read, write and inhale some fresh air.

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