6 wittiest & ‘politically incorrect’ tweets from #Superwomanwriter – Kota Neelima









Kota Neelima says it is a season to be ‘Honest’. Media, Politics and the Politicians know that the people at large can tell the difference between Truth & Drama. Here’s quoting some of her  wittiest and most ‘politically incorrect’ tweets from our twitter chat. 

  1. Stop being ‘women’ writers. Write as a human being, touched and torn by lives of strangers.An author is both a man and a woman, someone and everyone, and no one in particular.

  2. I am always inspired by the common, ordinary Indian who works honestly and hard for a better life. The ordinary Indian who scripts her/his life with all its difficult struggles is my favourite author.

  3. More people told me I shouldn’t write honestly about politics, the more determined I got to write. It is not easy to write ‘honestly’ about politics in India. That’s why I write it as fiction

  4. I wish the doors of Parliament are not shut for common people. That’s what #TheHonestSeason is about! I wish we could glorify ideology without politics. Until we can do that, we must deal with politics. Voters can set that right. Don’t give up on politics, give up on politicians!

  5. Let us be honest, media chooses facts for you. We have never been told the truth. Media is always at risk of forces that want the truth subverted. Question is; are such forces winning or losing?

  6. To write without prejudice, without ego or agenda is a discipline in any genre and it is not easy.I get my ideas from sunlight, spring, and Twitter at traffic signals! I write political fiction, guys. I cant reveal my sources.

Kota Neelima, a Political Author in India, has been a journalist for 20 years and holds a Master’s Degree in International Relations from the Jawaharlal Nehru University. She is former Political Editor, The Sunday Guardian and writes on politics, democratic reforms and issues concerning rural poor in India.Her latest Political Fiction – #TheHonestSeason is out on stands and most of us who have a review copy just cant stop finding this piece of fiction too close to reality !


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