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Author Shikha Kumar is in in love with “Love”. Her books have been super successful with the readers of Romantic fiction, which well, pretty much represents the entire population of young readers. Her latest book is called – Logically Stupid , That’s love. Our lovely candid twitter chat with her brought some really logical thoughts to ponder upon.


Q How do you describe yourself as a person & a writer?
  1. I am a ‘What-If’ writer of things I see around. I see a situation, twist it, spice it & present.
  2. I am a critic myself & I think you should have listening ears attuned to all kind of feedback. Positive or negative
  3. I am a storyteller. But as of now I enjoy being called the only “Romantic Thriller” writer of India.
  4. That one thing I cannot live without is Love – love for my people, writing, tea, shoes & chocolates :


Q. What is your latest book all about?
A. Logically stupid, that’s love – The book is dedicated to a generation that never values what comes easy. It’s tussle of brain & heart & much more .


Q Isn’t love too much hyped nowadays?
A I would rather call it underrated. It’s healing & powerful. However, I think it is too sugarcoated, at least in books


Q Do you think the sanctity of love is losing with generations?
A Let’s say it’s changing. People take time to know their mind rather heart now, but when they do they are better committed. Love is more practical & by choice or decision now. So higher success rate but happens after many more failed attempts.


Q How do you handle failures? What do you do when something does not meet your expectations?
A. Like I did all my life, in writing it’s no different. Embrace failure & strive harder. Warrior always


Q. Choose one: Feminism or Woman Empowerment?
A. Woman Empowerment. Unfortunately, #Feminism is losing it’s true meaning. It stands for #genderequity & not bragging that women are better sex. All it means, let’s talk on merits.

Author Shikha Kumar is a qualified IT Manager and an accidental author. She is glad that the accident happened and is enjoying every bit of her writing journey and the love and appreciation she is getting for her books.


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