5 Things You Must Do At The Frankfurt Book Fair

We are back from the Frankfurt Book Fair having spent a gorgeous weekend and can’t wait to share our experience with you! Let me begin by passing the information that you will need a good sturdy pair of shoes if you want to cover all grounds there. It is located in huge premises with magnificent interconnected buildings and a beautiful open air arena for a few events. We had a great time and here’s a list of 5 things that you must do while you’re visiting next year.

Take a look at the sea of books

Every year, Frankfurt Book Fair (or Buchmesse – book trade fair) has over 7300 exhibitors from 100 countries. There are 6 huge halls with all these exhibitor stalls and you can literally look and feel thousands of books from every genre possible. Some of them are beautifully decorated and will leave you at awe. A few of them mesmerised us so much that we had to halt and click them. The Asia pavilion was compact but amazingly decorated with extravagant and colourful bookmarks from Malaysia that you could happily take home. Don’t ever miss the halls with exhibitors of children’s book as they had a lot on display and offer for kids worldwide. Head straight for The Blue Sofa where authors introduce their newly released books.

Grow your business, make new contacts

The Buchmesse is the best place to connect with other businesses as it’s a trade fair. If you are into publishing, digital marketing or just blogging, it is heaven for you. Meet hundreds of other people who may provide the correct solution to grow your business or collaborate with you for a more profitable solution. Ebooks are growing out and audiobooks are in trend, publishing giant Penguin Random House said at the Frankfurt trade show that it was seeing double-digit growth in audio books around the world. “It harks back to telling and listening to stories around the campfire,” CEO Markus Dohle told reporters.

Get your bestseller books signed

It’s easy. Get your copy of Into The Water or Origin or The Handmaid’s Tale or Two by Two signed by Paula Hawkins, Dan Brown, Margaret Atwood or Nicholas Sparks. Just join queue for their book signing events and you can be lucky. These authors are up, close and personal at the Buchmesse, so you can actually ask them your questions or have a fan moment and click a selfie with them.

Have a taste of European food

You can’t miss Currywurst-Pomme Frites if you’re in Germany! Dunk the potato fries in sausage curry and mop them up with a bread. That’s your Currwurst to-go from the food stalls in the sun-kissed courtyard of the Buchmesse. There’s also crepes and gelatos for the sweet tooth, pizza and noodles for the quick eaters and ice cream for everyone!

Attend sessions from the best in the world of publishing

From one of the world’s best literary agent Andrew Wylie to Ananth Padmanabhan (CEO, Harper Collins India), you get a chance to listen to the best in business. In his opening note this year, Wylie said – “We have international projects from abroad showing us not different things, but different views on experiences of realities that we all endure. Whether it be Karl Ove Knausgaard examining in microcosm his family life in Norway; Or Chimamanda Adichie reflecting on the expatriate life of a Nigerian woman in the United States; Or Salman Rushdie reflecting on the voices of India in the modern world; Or Edouard Louis, on growing up gay in rural France. These authors are not seeing different things, they are seeing things differently.” He also mentioned that India has one of the largest growing markets for books in the world. Well, that’s certainly a matter of hope for us as it brings forth more books and better literature.

Well, see you next year and keep an eye for more updates to come about the Frankfurt Book Fair 2017.


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