5 Reasons To Stop Hating E-Readers

You know the saying that tells you that the invention of elevators never threatened the existence of stairs? It applies to E-Readers. Just because they exist, doesn’t mean that books will suddenly go out of style. At the same time, I am a little tired of the highhandedness of bookworms who claim that they can never read from an electronic device, and that to hold a book between their hands is the best feeling in the world and not to mention the smell of old books and freshly minted ones. And, I am really tired of the memes circulated on social media about how the eReader dies just moments before the reader finds out who the killer is. I know it is supposed to be in good humour but people have lost sight of what the real reason was behind the invention of eReaders.

Millennials are on their phone most of the time, anyway.

I don’t understand why they create such a fuss about reading books on eReaders like Nook Book or Kindle. They are constantly on their phone. And I don’t think all of them are texting. Some of them are hopping from webzine to webzine, and reading up all articles that Twitter had trending that day. They are staring at a screen in anyway. So why should an eReader screen (especially one that doesn’t light up or you can control the light of the screen) get so much hate from them?

eReaders actually have a pretty good battery life.

Contrary to popular belief, eReaders actually have a pretty decent battery life. Charging it once a week gets it to full power and that can easily last you for the week or maybe even more. It depends on user to user, I believe. But I doubt anyone with a fully powered eReader would have it conk off in the middle of a ten hour flight. As someone with a Nook Book during a twelve hour flight, I can personally vouch for it.

More books for lesser the price! 

One of the reasons eBooks were invented was because it was a cheaper alternative to buying new books. Of course secondhand bookstores would always have a collection of books to choose from as would kilo sales for books. But new releases cannot be guaranteed. Neither can an international title that you desperately want to read but can’t find the paperback anywhere. The eBooks in these scenarios become lifesavers and they also come at a cheaper price!

Kindle Direct Publishing & Smashwords

A lot of indie authors had their books finally see the light of day because of programs like KDP and Smashwords which lets anyone who wants to write a book get published. (Of course there are a few down sides to this.) But for the most part I have personally discovered authors who kept on getting one rejection letter after another from traditional publishers. And there are programs that you can join to read these books for free, and the writer gets paid by the number of pages read. And of course you get to read these books on your eReaders.

Easier to travel with

Whenever we have to travel somewhere be it a train journey or a plane journey, bookworms tend to pack their books. And sometimes they make their carry-ons weigh more than it needs to. The beauty of the eReader is that you get to take a number of books with you without adding on to the extra weight. Of course, this isn’t a good idea if you’re visiting Literature Festivals to meet authors. But oh well, any other time, it is a really good idea.

And while I know a lot people reading this article is rolling their eyes and on the verge of calling me not a real bookworm – I have read more books on my Nook Book in a month than I have read books in the same amount of time. Like I always keep saying, to me, personally, it is always the story that is important. It doesn’t matter in which medium it is coming to me from.

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