5 Reasons To Read ‘The Reason Is You’

Around Valentine Week this year comes the new book from the literary Queen of India. Nikita Singh is a perfect combination of beauty and the brain.
She is the bestselling novelist of more than 10 books. It would not be wrong to say that she is one of the most prominent contemporary writers of India in English. With the success of The Reason is You, she has again presented the talent she has.
I finished reading The Reason is You in straight three hours, and it was worth each second. Let me tell you the five reasons that you must pick up The Reason is You by Nikita Singh.

Mental Health

Nikita Singh has come with something new in this book. While most of the writers are still writing the failed love stories because of poverty and castes, Nikita Singh has chosen the more hard way. In the acknowledgment, she admitted how hard it was to write a depressed character, and how it takes a toll on her mental health too. The Reason is You talks about the issues that India’s youth don’t understand, and as a result, get their heart broken.

Second Chances

We have grown with SRK. And the dialogue, ‘hum ek baar jeete hai, ek baar marte hai, aur pyaar bhi ek baar hi hota hai,’ is in our blood. It is hard to come out of the thinking, but the truth is, we can fall in love as many times possible. And sometimes, with the same person. Time plays an important game in love, as it can break and make. The Reason is You opens up your heart to fall in love again.

Genuine Story

The story is really lovely. It’s like the sweetest sweet from the local Aggarwal shop. You never get the time to put down the book, its capture your attention from the first page, and does not let you go until you are grinning like stupid after finishing it. You get involved in the life of Sid, Akriti, and Maahi. Their story hits too close to the heart.

Captivating Writing

Nikita Singh easily hides the humour between the lines.  It is her strong point. And as easily she writes the touchy topic, with great empathy.
The anger, rush, hate, and disgust, everything the character feels, and the reader feel the same.
Nikita Singh does not use petty tricks to evoke an emotional response, what she does is much graceful, and mature. While not using the absolutely Thesaurus words, she manages to make a clear picture of each event.

Highly Motivating

The books end with a happy point, and they all make sense. Without even trying, the book motivates the reader to do more better in life than they already are doing. All the characters are sensible, and successful, that a reader gets inspired just by reading them.
With the satisfying and warm ending, you feel the life does not need to be happy or successful, it flows with its ups and downs. And forgiveness is a flower that can brighten up even the dampest of places.

The Reason Is You by Nikita Singh is a complete package – full of humour, touching real issues, and providing what is necessary for a good book — a good story.

Author(s): Nikita Singh
Publisher: Harper Collins India
Release: February 2019
Genre: Fiction/Romance
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