5 questions Publishers in India are asking — Chiki Sarkar

Every big and path breaking solution stems out of very basic and rather simple questions. For Chiki Sarkar and Juggeranut, it started with these four.

Q1. How can we get more people to read our books?

Q2. How do you work in India , where there aren’t enough book shops and book shops are closing?

Q3. How do you create a literary culture in India?

Q4. How can we attract a massive population of young people who are all hooked on to their smart phones and are not entering bookshops?

There is hardly any blogger & aspiring author in India who doesn’t know about Juggernaut and its ambitious plans to revolutionize the publishing world by Logoproviding ‘Mobile Friendly Content’. A highly experienced team, backed by solid investors, Juggernaut is out with its first catalog and is undoubtedly sending out the right messages . Things that we all want to hear. Questions that publishers , authors and even the readers are asking.

Chiki Sarkar has undoubtedly taken the role of a visionary in Indian publishing and If there is a publishing house that is making some really interesting headlines these days, it is Chiki Sarkar & Durga Raghunath’s new age publCSishing company – Juggernaut.

Starting out from Bloomsbury London to heading Penguin Random House India at the age of 28, Chiki Sarkar is all set to offer a completely new reading experience and is hoping to see a drastic change in the way people read books. She doesn’t think there is any clear distinction between what is New Age and what is Traditional form of publishing ,but today there are many alternate ways of speaking to people and to market books. Juggarnaut will publish everything. In year’s time we will know what is working and what is not.

Her personal reading mostly covers 19th century novels and they are still the ones she enjoys the most. While she finds Indian writing in English, on the literary side, relatively less interesting compared to the novels that came from countries like Bangladesh , Pakistan Srilanka etc. At Juggarnaut, she also plans to enter regional language publishing , they are doing Hindi now and the aim and hope is to add a new language every year.

Wishing Juggarnaut a really exciting 2016 ! Times have changed & it is time we acknowledge that ‘Books’ & ‘Reading’ per se may change.

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And now it is over to you readers, the 5th & the most important question. 

Q5. Will you read books on a mobile application? 

Drop a line in the comment section and you never know, you might find your next book on your mobile ! 


Buy Books , Buy Original Books. It costs you less than a popcorn at the multiplex & that spa you do for your really tired mind and not the body !


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