5 point advice for writing & publishing poetry

I was AARKNmit Nigam until 8 years ago, and then I became Amit Radha Krishna Nigam, adding my father’s name to my name – an act that to me makes a profound sense to my life, adding bones to my muscles. I come from Vrindavan, a place known as the spiritual abode of the world. And believe me, it is. Many of my beliefs are shaped because of my nativity..I am liberal and altruistic but I do keep a lot of anger inside with the current situations and these are all incensing passively quite often in my poems.

I have an 11 hour job in IT, I sleep like a sea lion and I am proud of only two things in my life as of now – My family and my interest in poetry that fell upon me some 15 years ago like the Newton’s apple.‘Musings of Desire’ is my third poetry collection after ‘Pilgrims’ and ‘Awake Wonder and Lost’The book has has received a very good response from readers worldwide including Jennifer Copley, the internationally acclaimed poet winner of Cardiff International poetry festival, U.K.

My five point advice to anyone who wants to write and publish poetry.

  • Know the ‘Why do you want to write poetry first? Before the ‘how’ and ‘what’ of it. Trust me, once you figure out the reason through and through, the journey will be interesting and profound to you as nothing like it.

  • Read as much as you write, and read from classical like Tagore, Keats and Shelly, modernists, established contemporary to amateurs equally. Do not differentiate initially. In fact I used to read a poem first before finding out who has written it. This allowed me to understand and judge a poem less-subjectively and thus helped me understand and develop my aptitude of poetry better.

  • Never stick to any fixed schedule of poetry writing. As unlike prose writing, poetry is a 24/7 job for the sheer fact that thoughts are like rivers, you cannot cross the same twice.

  • Be open to your surroundings and listen. Even if you are stuck in a sweating traffic jam, you may find a child selling fresh roses. That is the moment to capture.

  • And ultimately, never lose faith. Poetry writing and reading is a tough art and not everyone is a potential buyer to it. But you got to stick to yourself until the end, whatever that be.

Musings of Desire : 

This book revolves around desire and nostalgia as a tool to remind ourselves that our memories of the past, however long Covergone, continue to be with us always, in ways we could never have had imagined.

Once connected with this theme, readers will find themselves deeply engrossed and connected to the entire collection, picturing their own moments in the verses, identifying the materials and metaphors as their own and their own stories of love, friendship, desire, longings and loss as being narrated. A few devotional verses and tributes to tragedies complete the experience for the reader.


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