5 Best Books to Read While Travelling

Books are one of the best companions of man, and the most amazing part about books is that they can be enjoyed at any point. Reading a book takes us places all in itself, but reading a book while travelling makes the experience all the more exciting and indulgent. So, if you’re on your next voyage and need a trusty sidekick to make your trip amazing, pick up one of the following books that you can read while travelling. They are guaranteed to make your experience worthwhile for certain.

  1. Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

eatprayloveThere is nothing better than a tranquil and calming sensation created by a book. Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert is popular for how it invokes enlightenment with its easy-going language. For a traveller, this book is absolutely flawless as the character takes a tour through different parts of the world and learns something new by doing the simplest of tasks. Gilbert’s protagonist will take you through her journey and leave you with a smile on your face by the end. Aside from the fact that the book is about travelling and the experiences it brings, your trip will turn into a memorable one after reading about the character and her adventures.

  1. The People in the Trees by Hanya Yanagihara

hannaHanya Yanagihara’s debut novel The People in the Trees is a masterpiece that explores the fascinating story of a man discovering the secret of immortality on an island. The plot is narrated in the most interesting way, which will make you feel as though you’re living the character’s life through your eyes. The story takes the reader through a series of riveting events that a traveller would love to explore in real-life. If that doesn’t make you drop in on an island and find the secret to immortality, we don’t know what will. Don’t forget to add this other-worldly novel to your adventure trip.

  1. Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer

into-the-wildHaven’t we all, at some point in our lives, wanted to leave everything behind and go on a wild adventure? You’d think no one really does it, but Jon Krakauer’s protagonist from Into the Wild does exactly that. If you’re a traveller who has always fantasized about giving up the mundane life and going off into the wilderness with nothing but adventure in mind, Into the Wild will be your perfect companion. The novel explores the wild like no other, with the character discovering a number of things about solitude and the wildness of nature while building an amazing plotline. So, squeeze this exciting novel into your backpack for your next hiking or camping adventure.

  1. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

alchemistAdventures and wanderlust are explored in such detail in Paulo Coelho’s philosophical novel the Alchemist, that it will be a book you simply can’t shake off even after you’ve read it. This book is one of the kind that would make a reader want to travel somewhere be it with a purpose or without. The treasure hunt of the protagonist Santiago from Spain to Egypt will make you want to pack up your bags and find a treasure for yourself. To inculcate a positive atmosphere and some pumping adrenaline in your veins, the Alchemist is a perfect pick while travelling. You’ll probably find a treasure or two yourself while going through this book.

  1. When You are Engulfed in Flames by David Sedaris

flamesDavid Sedaris’s novel that is in the form of short essays is one of the best things to carry along on a trip. The book has collection of individual essays, and it is easy to put down and return later to during travelling and other commitments. The essays are quite relatable when it comes to daily life and how a monotonous routine affects things. The essays consist of various situations like trying to make coffee when there is no water, buying drugs from a recreational vehicle in North Carolina, trying to quit smoking in Japan, experiences in the French countryside etc. Since the essays span different locations, it keeps a travelling reader gripped with all the experiences. This is one book you wouldn’t want to pass up on while travelling.

There are so many interesting books that one can read while travelling, which work well in providing an adventurous and exciting time, but since we can’t really get to all of them, the aforementioned five will surely leave you with a memorable experience.

Written by – Rohit Agarwal

Rohit is not only an avid traveller and explorer, but he also likes to do his reading and produce some interesting results that might help a traveller make their trip a much better one. He shares his experiences on Trans India Travels.


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