4. Proposal and Disposal — by Lakshmi Murthy (Drama)

The story of a brave little girl called Cheluvi and her inspiring teacher Miss Sharada. 
Here’s an excerpt from the story: 
Miss Sharada frowned. Just for a second. She was the most educated lady in Varshapura. A ‘more-than-necessarily’ educated lady, according to some of the village elders. A B.A. graduate in second division.
She gazed out of the window at the noiseless drizzle. She loved her Varshapura. 
Varshapura was a beautiful, dreamy, smoky, green town in the Western ghats. Malnad climate. Healthily humid, pleasantly cold. Small greenish brown hills dotted the area. The clouds lay low as if bowing their heads to a billion years-old terrain. After all, the clouds were just a day old. Neonates. The ghats had seen showers getting recycled…
…Cheluvi was late again. Miss Sharada knew she would come. She could not miss school. She however missed the daily attendance call. Miss Sharada had reached the fifth sum of the second exercise on fractions when Cheluvi said “Miss, may I come in?”
Lakshmi Murthy is a school teacher. She plans to complete writing a short story collection by this year. 
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