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I Look Around And Find Ample Stories To Talk About – Siddhi Palande

Siddhi Palande – the person, the author

I am a former media professional who left the corporate life to be a homemaker. My last stint was with Zee digital which was for a brief period. I have worked as a movie reviewer and social media executive for Bookmyshow. Prior to that, I started my journey as a student reporter with Times Of India and ANI. I did PR for international films like The Amazing Spider-Man, Total Recall, Resident Evil Retribution, Men In Back 3, along with PR for celebs like Kailash Kher, Hard Kaur, Hemant Pandey amongst many. Currently, I am a full-time mother and balance my writing keeping my baby’s needs in view.

Why do you write?

My father was a great orator. His speech would mesmerize and motivate lakhs of workers. My flair for words and writing comes from him. It is the only legacy that I have inherited from him. And while I am happy about it, I also aim to give away ample inspirational and motivational talks through my writing.

What made you write this book?

This book is a catharsis since I started writing it post my father’s demise. I was looking for a channel to vent my emotions and this book became one. However, I have tried not to turn it into an emotional pool.

About the book

Beyond The Veil falls under sociocultural genre and the book is unique because it is a story less heard although this might be a common phenomenon when we talk about arranged marriages, the only thing is such issues never see the light of day.

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Inspirations come from within and what is around. I look around and there are ample of stories to talk about. This novel is one such story. I met the mother of this girl and their plight was pitiable. Yes, the book is a work of fiction but my aim was to tell this tale so that no other girl falls prey to the age-old customs.  Also, women empowerment theme has always inspired me. I have always wanted to write a novel which was true to reality, where the protagonist isn’t a dimwit fashionista falling for a hunk but someone who is a fighter in the real sense.

What do you think the readers will love about this book?

Anyone and everyone who has had to face the curfews imposed by societal norms is sure to agree with this novel. It isn’t feminism, it is much more than it. It voices the misrepresented and underrepresented.

Is there a writing schedule you follow? How do you deal with Writer’s Block?

Writer’s block is aplenty. But I often deal with these phases by doing what I love to do – read and watch movies. Diversion is my sole tool to deal with writer’s block. Going for a long walk or spending quality time with family also helps. And as for a writing schedule, I write when my daughter sleeps so my schedule is quite erratic.

Your favourite books and authors

Many writers have influenced my writing and thinking namely Haruki Murakami, Amrita Pritam, Virginia Woolf, William Faulkner, Shashi Deshpande, Cecilia Ahern, Sophie Kinsella, Danielle Steel to name a few. Theirs is a writing which is deep, insightful and thought provoking.

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Your advice to aspiring authors

There are people out there who will judge you for your words, grammar, story, but if you have the confidence in your words then nobody can beat you in this game. As for publishing, my advice would be, write four-five chapters send them to publishing houses if you get the approval you keep writing or you keep writing till you get the approval.

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Author(s): Siddhi Palande
Publisher: eBooks2go Inc
Release: March 2017
Genre: Fiction/Women
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