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Writing Is Stronger Than Verbal Communication – Anubhav Shrivastava

Who is Anubhav Shrivastava?

I was never really a writer. But a stint with Manipalthetalk.Net, a leading club of Manipal Institute of Technology, changed my fate and now I am a published author! I have also freelanced for BookMyShow earlier, where I used to write previews and promotional article for all major Hollywood and Bollywood movies.

My manager used to give me free movie tickets whenever I happened to impress her with my writing! I fondly remember giving the Two States movie ticket to my sister as her birthday present!

Besides writing, I have worked for firms such as Fractal Analytics and OLA so far.

Why do you write?

For me, writing is a medium to express my emotions. I think writing is a much stronger medium than verbal communication, as a well written piece can have the power to transform lives. Hence I started my own blog in 2015 where I constantly write about my core philosophy on various abstract ideas. The blog has also won the award for ‘The Most Promising Blog’ in 2016. The blog also has some interesting travelogues on my Europe Tour, and my first attempt at poetry, titled ‘Winds of Change’. Besides, you will also find many MBA admission related articles there.

About the book

One Last Time, my debut book, is my ode to friendship, dreams, hope and aspirations. It is a moving yet gripping account of how an unlikely bond between a group can transform one another. Sometimes, the best things happen to you in life when you least expect them. One Last Time is a testimony to that.

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Laced with humor, emotions and philosophical dialogues, One Last Time will cater to a wide range of audience – it has something for everyone!

There are three principal characters in the book – Nakul, who is a typical Delhi Dude from a rich family, Prakash, who is diametrically opposite to Nakul – he is a paddy farmer’s son whose definition of abundance totally blows away Nakul’s mind, and then we have Aakanksha – who epitomizes success, intelligence, and talent – yet feels aloof from reality. She is too focused and disciplined but sometimes curses herself for not having many friends.

My personal favorite character from the book is Aakanksha, she in a way has some of my virtues and is also a sort of a girl whom I have never met. She is just too perfect, and perfection can sometimes be a little boring.  She is my creation, my dream girl!

Advice for aspiring authors

My two cents to aspiring writers and authors – never stop believing in yourself. Our reality is only limited by our imagination – so, widen your imagination, and work towards your goal. At the same time, keep honing your craft.

The importance of having a rich vocabulary, and knowing all kinds of idioms, phrases, similes and metaphors will groom your writing skills. This is something which is always understated.

Khalid Housseni had stressed once in an interview on the importance of writing and reading for budding writers. Every artist practices a lot, and authors are no different. Even Shobha de writes 3000 words each day!

About the author

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Anubhav Shrivastava graduated with a B.Tech in Electrical and Electronics from Manipal Institute of Institute of Technology in the year 2015. He is extremely passionate about cricket and movies. His blog reflects his core philosophy on various subjects. He also deeply endorses Yoga and meditation, and believes that a healthy and calm mind is the greatest wealth a man can possess.

Author: Anubhav Shrivastava
Publisher: Write India
Release: February 2017
Genre: Fiction / Contemporary
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