2015 – My Best Year Ever

2014 is just over and 2015 has begun. It is the time when we take stock of the year as it has been. Have we lived up to the resolutions that we set for 2014 ? Have we achieved our goals for the year? If your answer to both the questions is Yes, you may not read further. You are a self-motivated person and I congratulate you for that. But for the majority of us the answer will be in the negative. So, read on.
Before we make resolutions or set goals for 2015 let’s get the big picture clear. What is the purpose of our Life? What do we want to do finally? Like a puzzle, once when you know the bigger picture, the pieces will fall into place. If you have difficulty in defining your purpose in Life, I suggest you write the answer of these four questions for 21 days in continuation. Who am I? Why am I here? What do I want from Life? What do I want from Life today? Once you do it you will get clarity on what exactly you want to in Life.
You should be able to define your purpose in a single line. For e.g. My purpose in Life is to help 10,00,000 people live better lives by 13 Jun 2020 or earlier.

When you write earlier you let the Universe help you achieve it sooner than you have planned. Write your purpose on the back of a visiting card. Read it whenever you have time or want to regain focus and be grateful in advance as if it has already happened. Magic happens when we write something. Our psycho-neuro-muscular mechanism gets activated. Our psyche, our intellect, our nerves, our neurons and our muscles get together in harmony to help us achieve our aim. 
After selecting and writing the aim we need to divide it into time bound goals. Success is measurable progress in reasonable time. We have to have long-term, medium-term, short-term and immediate goals each marked with time. As the pilot of a plane always knows whether he is ahead or behind the schedule, we should know where we are on the journey of Success. I suggest you start a success journal in which you write your daily goals in the morning and in the evening note down if the goals have been achieved or not. The same you can do with all your goals.
Your mind is the greatest asset for the achievement of Goals. It’s a good servant but a bad master. The average mind thinks about 80,000 thoughts in a day and the irony is 80% of those are repetitive. To control your mind you will have to practice deep breathing exercise and meditation. You need a trained Master or a Life-Coach for that.
The role of a Life-Coach has been accepted in the West and is gaining grounds here. Most of the successful people have a Coach. A coach is someone who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way. He is like a friend who is setting higher standards for you, encouraging you, pulling you up when you feel down and ultimately helping you Exceed Your Potential. Your goal can be anything from losing weight to starting your own venture; I will help you achieve that. Some of the results that people have achieved are : I have helped the Managing Director of a company get Rs 100 Crore deal and increase his salary from Rs 65 L to Rs 1.1 Cr in one month. Counselled a politician to get a Ticket and win an election and a lady lost 17 kgs in three months.
For the last twenty years I have researched the Secrets of Success and now it is my passion to help people with what I have learnt. See you there soon. 
What are your goals for 2015? Comment here and let us know.
Manish Kumar is a veteran Air Force combat pilot, an alumnus of NDA, XLRI and the author of the life-changing book “Be Your Own Pilot“. He has started an online Personal Power Program called “2015 – My Best Year Ever” where he helps the participants define their purpose in life and set and achieve goals in all the fields viz. Money, Health, Relationships, Profession and Spirituality. You can contact the author via Facebook or mail him at [email protected]


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