Durga Puja – #Festicity at Bhubaneswar By Anita

We’ve come to an end of #Festicity, our writing prompt through October which has fetched amazing and varied write-ups from our readers. 

Presenting the final #Festicity post – Durga Puja in Odisha depicted beautifully with innumerable pictures in a first person account by Anita

Not many are aware that the Durga Puja is an important festival of Odisha, India and is celebrated with great pomp & grandeur.

The Temple City of Bhubaneswar, the capital of Odisha, boasts of spectacular Durga Puja celebrations with artistic & beautiful idols & Pandals. Each area/locality has its own Pandal(s). There’s even a competition in which the best Pandals are awarded prizes!

This year’s Durga Puja was very special for me.
For the first time, our family went Pandal-hopping together, visiting about 10 Pandals.
Earlier, we used to go Pandal-hopping, but saw the Pandals from the car itself, stopping only at the two Pandals near our home.

I’m sharing some information & pictures of Durga Puja 2014 at different localities to show the #Festicity at Bhubaneswar.

Ashok Nagar

I saw the making of the Pandal. Here are the before & after pics!

Before & After:

I saw the idol being set-up.
After the idol was assembled, the Gods’ faces were veiled.

Once the Puja started on MahaSaptmami, the veils were removed by chanting mantras (sacred hymns).

Later, I saw the final result. Conch-shell & traditional musical instruments were played & Puja Arti was performed.


This area of Bhubaneswar had some beautiful Pandals and lighting.

There was the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Bhubaneswar & Sai Baba was feeding the hungry. Of course, I am referring to the light decorations! 

There was a scary & fiery demoness too, who blew fire with gay abandon!
Lord Jagannath’s idol with Lion, Gorilla & Joker etc welcomed us at the Bomikhal Durga Puja Samiti Pandal.

At the Unit-1 haat (market area), we found an attractive brick-coloured building that looked like a temple. It was Sri Sri Mahadev Puja Committee Pandal:

Lord Shiva was killing the demon and not Maa Durga. Devi Parvati was by his side…


The Nayapalli Pandal looked more like a natural palace.

We loved the lighting on the road leading to the Pandal.

The Nayapalli Pandal looked like a magical palace!

The Jharpada Pandal like the Grand Palace, Bangkok, Thailand!

It was great to find the Grand Palace of Bangkok in the Temple City of Bhubaneswar!
It was past 1 AM in the night when we visited this Pandal! 
A sincere soldier was guarding with flair! 
The lighting was about stories with morals… I remembered all those stories and asked my kid if she could remember them!
There was rich decoration inside the Pandal too.
“Melody” programme was in progress, with singers singing popular numbers. The enthusiastic crowd was enjoying despite the late night!
This posh-locality had a pandal that looked like a white Palace.
There were many idols & decorations inside the Pandal with names of Goddesses.
There was good lighting outside the Pandal too.

Notice a Giraffe & Mahabharata’s Arjuna’s chariot in the picture below.


This Pandal looked like a shiny Steel Palace!

Old Station Square

This Durga Puja Pandal of Bhubaneswar showed Odisha’s rich historical significant monuments with relevant social messages.

Architectural heritage was beautifully presented- The Sun Temple, Konark, Caves like Khandagiri, Udayagiri, Buddhist sites like Ratnagiri & Lalitagiri…
Why do people spoil our works of art by scribbling their names etc.?
Why do people break & disfigure statues or other works or art or public property?
They had depicted the sculpture as it is now… I was sad to see headless statues…
There were so many idols of Maa Durga decorating the Old Station Square Pandal’s walls… 
I loved them all!

I love the #Festicity at Bhubaneswar.
I feel the Temple City can very well qualify as a Tourist-crowd-puller for Durga Puja.
I am sure after seeing all these pics, even you wish to be a part of the #Festicity at Bhubaneswar!
What are you waiting for?

Do plan to visit Odisha in the next Durga Puja & attend the #Festicity at Bhubaneswar!


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