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Poetry Attempts

Writing poetry my dear friends is alluring and a true blessing! 

So if you were a poet “once upon a time”, lets give it a try , one more time. And if you are sure that you can and can do this better…. nothing like it. 

Lets gear up and begin the Poetry Attempts – A month long poetry writing competition. Winners get a author signed copy of a new release book. 

 Submission & Publishing Terms :

1. Send in your entries to [email protected] before 15th Oct 2013. 


3. One submission per entrant ONLY

4. Please do not simultaneously submit your contest entry to another magazine or contest.

5. Please do not submit work that has been previously published anywhere and this includes 
your personal blog as well.

6. The decission by the judges will be final

7. Upto 20 qualifying entries will be published on

8. Writersmelon will own the online publishing rights  for 1 year (Oct 2014) only. 

9. In case a publishing house is interested in taking up the print rights of your poem,(after the above mentioned period), an email request can be sent to [email protected], to either remove the post completely or only leave an excerpt of the same. 

10. In addition to the prizes , winners also recieve writing assignments in iMelonite program.

So all set ?. 

To begin this journey,  inspire and tickle your poetic bones, here is an extremely
soulful composition by Gulzar and an equally captivating rendition by sufi queen Abida Parveen. 

Dhoondo Ge Agar Mulkon Mulkon Milne Ke Nahin Nayaab Hain Hum….

Watch the full video here.
An attempt to present the lyrics and an English translation to the song…. 

Even if you search from nation to nation
You won’t find me, for I’m an extinct rarity.
O friend! I am that dream which can only be
Interpreted through your desires and grief.

O grief! Now you give me some clue
For this puzzle isn’t solved yet,
Whether a restless heart is concealed within me
Or I myself is a restless heart

I, in a state of awe and regret
Stand quietly at the shore,
The sea of  love expresses
“come, I’m only a shallow”

Thousand of travellers embark on journey
But only a few of them reach the destination.
O my contemporaries! Revere me for I’m,
If not great, a rare [kind of] being.

The flowers have sent
This message to the captive birds,
O Shaad ( a person who is hurt)!
“Come if you so desire
For, at the moment, we’re very blissful.”

     All the best ! 
— Enjoy reading writersmelon.    
    Take a slice in writing! 


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