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The chosen ones for the writing themes

Thank You all for the overwhelming response towards these writing themes! 
We are glad that both the themes could ignite some fresh ideas and good writing. 

Some general feedback to all participants. 

“Whenever you write about your personal journey , approach the writing with incidents and expressions that the readers can relate to at some level. A completely unique and out of the world experience / journey needs to be presented with lot of analogies and metaphors.Unless you do that , a reader may get lost and find your piece uninteresting. This is all the more relevant for a poetry. The beginning should be gripping and the ending should either be conclusive or leave behind something to ponder upon. 

Language is important but not at the cost of idea. Writing is as much about the thought as much it is about the words used to express it and former should never be compromised for the later. A clear thought is what one looks for in a writing, great words or phrases only serve as occasional head turners. 

All three chosen entries have these qualities and the writers have been very honest with their expression of the central thought. More specifically , 

Kolkata : The city that made me — By Neha Mishra : Journey of a young girl into the city of joy Kolkata. Though the article lacks in descriptive about the city it focuses on the journey of growing up which is honest and very relatable. 

Lucknow:The city of nawabs — By Pratyasha Nath  : This is a winner mainly because of its vivid descriptive. A good setting is a indication of good writing. Remember the last time you were glued to a novel just because of its backdrop and not really the central plot or the story as such. Yes setting plays that important role. Though it is difficult to establish a good setting and also put forward a central idea into a 700 words write up, Pratyasha has managed to do that beautifully. 

When it rained — By Narayan Roy  :  Is a interesting way of blending the unfulfilled career dreams in the backdrop of rain. Which seem to have really ignited all the thought that have been expressed in the article. 

A few more pieces worth a mention are ; 
Bombay within — By Dhruv Joshi   : Lacks in descriptive part “setting” or “backdrop” of the city as we may call it. However it is high on the emotional content. The pulse of the city has been very well captured.

Soul of innocense — By Fahad Khan : A very well written piece of poetry. But not completely inline with the theme. 

Once again a big thankyou for participating . Do suggest new writing themes and keep pouring in your valuable suggestions and feedback. Write to us at writersmelon at gmail,.com. 

Enjoy reading writersmelon. Take a slice in writing !

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