10 Things You Didn’t Know About Becoming a Published Author

Tips, tricks, words of wisdom and survival strategies for writing a book by Aditi Mathur Kumar. Introducing our new column Author’s Palette every week, for that writer in you striving at your desk. 

1. Writing the book was easy. Editing it was tough, as I’ve already explained here. Publishing it was okay, almost a pleasant surprise (at least in my case it was!). Promoting it is the hardest. True story. 
2. You get Attention. From Everywhere. The snooty girl from your school who didn’t seem to remember you, or the haughty professor from college who thought you were only drama, not to forget the intern in the other department who was too shy to speak to you – they all want to be your friends now. Well, at least your social media friends. No, it’s not always a good thing. Too much attention is a curse.

3. You feel like a minor celebrity, you feel (slightly) famous. You see you face in leading news papers, your book on glossy magazines and your name on the cover of a real book! No matter how much you tell yourself to Keep Calm it’s Only a Book, you feel immensely proud of yourself. This – good thing all the way! Relish it.

4. You tip-toe into the world of Published Authors, and feel out of place or confused. Out of place because you’re only a new author and you are shy and how come you’re not automatically a part of the exclusive author lunches? Confused because hey, why isn’t every other (established or otherwise) author your Instant-BFF already? Disappointment Max!

5. You start getting emails from people asking to help them publish their books. Help them with all you can. That’s the only way to give back to the society. Help everyone.

6. You start getting manuscripts from strangers for – beat this – your valued feedback. Like you’ll ever read those, you have promotions remember? But it’s a new feeling. Cherish it.

7. You will not be invited to all the Lit Fests right away. Atleast not for the big ones. Relax. Wait your turn. Write more to rightly deserve it. I know, I know Jaipur Lit Fest is your ABSOLUTE dream, but honey, it can wait – first promote your first book. Then write your next book. Repeat. Perks will come.

8. You find yourself saying things like ‘You know, in my awesome book, there’s a chapter where blah blah’, or ‘I am SO going to put this in my next book!’, and ‘Did you like my book? HM? DID YOU OR DID YOU NOT?’ Stop. Really. Just stop. (I’m talking to myself here, obviously)

9. You realize that not everyone is giving you a five star review. You learn that a few people love the book and a few others, don’t. And you learn to live with it. Eventually, you grow. Part of the deal, right? You’ve come a long way. Be proud of yourself.

10. A kid somewhere will tell you that you are her hero. Cry. Hug the kid tight. And be that hero!

And one bonus point, because I’m incredibly amazing:

11. You get called on your fashion sense. At least I did. Compliments mostly, and one accusation of wearing a fake – but it was amazing. Also, I will write about it one day.

Keep writing!


Aditi Mathur Kumar is the author of Westland’s super fun book on the mysterious Army Wife life: Soldier & Spice: An Army Wife’s Life that is being loved by Army Wives and Civilians alike (Thank God!). Aditi was born on Feb the 14th and since then it has all been awkward for her. An ex-advertising girl, an irregular blogger, a fanatic Army Wife, and a real-life social person, Aditi has now decided to write more. So far, so good. Stalk her at her blog Monologue or @adicrazy on Twitter. Also – Read Her Book!


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