10 Essentials to the Blueprint of Happiness – By Bhanu Arora

Bhanu Arora has written the book in a conversationalist style of writing, it is almost as if he is sitting down over a cup of coffee and sharing his thoughts, experiences and learnings about that illusive concept of Happiness. By the end of the book I felt I had a road map to being happy, which is exactly what the book title refers to and what it delivers.

Happiness is so much more than a concept and this book captures the essence of it so well. When I finished reading, I felt I had a more tangible understanding of happiness. The dialogues between the characters bring out a lot of the preconceived notions and ideas that many of us have been living with and the realizations of the place of these ideas and how they have been restricting us, and in some places how we have just misunderstood some pearls of wisdom. The narrative allows you to explore these ideas through the stories of the characters.

The book is filled with little nuggets which make you pause, re-read and reach out to highlight the gem and then take a moment to absorb it. The fact that the author hasn’t used complicated sentence structures and fancy words adds to the powerful punch of his writing. Page 3 hits you with –  “You may often confuse happiness with other human emotions…” and then goes on to share a deeper look at the very definition of happiness – for ME, which may very well be different from it’s definition for YOU – which is perfectly fine, and allowed! Page 6 asks six questions which simplify and deliver the verdict that you were raised to be a happy kid and a deeper understanding of the ‘baby blues.’ I had never quite thought about it like this, nor reflected on the root cause of my ‘happiness characteristic’. The next few pages are insightful as they call you to reflect and understand yourself.

A special mention for all the people who love to gossip! Big thanks to the author for giving us, not one, not two, but eight benefits of gossiping. Dear Bollywood magazine, here I come! The book also talks about guidelines for keeping your relationships healthy, about taking actions, the eight principals of making money or rather, (enjoying making money), the power of traveling and many more. What makes this book different from the many self-help books in this genre is the Indian context of the examples and conversations. The author has essentially captured how we think and perceive things, and how we seem to be going at achieving happiness in in a slightly skewed manner!

Go ahead and pick up a copy of the Blueprint to map your own journey to happiness!

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Reviewed by : Ishieta

Author(s): Bhanu Arora
Publisher: Bhanu Arora
Release: 2017
Genre: Non Fiction/Personal Development
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  1. After reading your review, I so wanna pick this book up right away. Who doesn’t wanna learn a bit more aBout happiness 🙂 …😊

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