03:02 — By Mainak Dhar


0302 Mainak dharOne fine Sunday Morning at 03:02 AM something unexpected happens in Mumbai – no electricity, no phones, no internet and no working cars. Not able to comprehend the reason behind this and with lot of unanswered question like what happened to Mumbai? When the normalcy will be restored? Is the crisis limited to Mumbai? The story revolves around how life of people in Mumbai took a U-turn. With all the modern amenities gone in a fraction of second, it’s the story about the people on how they learned the basics of survival.

We had become used to a world where we didn’t really have to solve basic problems, we just had to know whom to call. Now that we had to find answers to such questions ourselves, we were all out of our depth.

The book also mentions, as a society how much we have changed over time. We are always relying on others to do our job, relying on the social media for finding comfort of togetherness, and moving away from the very foundation on which society has evolved. It covers all the major problems we face as a society today. It teaches that together as a group we can achieve difficult targets even in non-conducive environment.

It’s amazing how people can be when they don’t have a TV to mindlessly sit in front of, or the internet to surf, or WhatsApp or Facebook to connect with people. Or indeed, in my case, work calls to attend. Without any of those things to do, people were doing what they perhaps did before we got all these electronic crutches — they spent time with each other.”

03:02 is also about the choices you make and how those choices can have an impact on life. Life always puts you in a situation where you have to take a decision. It’s the action taken at that moment which defines your character and not the designation which you have got because of some degree.

“Life is full of hard choices, and I had made mine. We just have to roll with the choices we make.”

However this book is not a crash course to teach how one should survive in such circumstances. The book has something interesting to offer. The book mentions about the danger which is much bigger than the characters of the book anticipated. Not only from the shortage of food, water and the constant fear of looters but also something bigger and murkier lurking around the city. The people around have to protect themselves, find the reality and face the real enemy. The book is an interesting story of group of people and their tale of struggle with this new danger.

Apart from the various learning, book also lends the emotional and patriotic touch to various events. The book is full of surprises and keeps the readers engaged till the very end . All the characters are well portrayed with their own strengths and weaknesses. They complement each other as would have happened in any ideal society. The story is very well-written and is definitely worthy of being part of your personal library.

Author: Mainak Dhar
Publisher: Westland
Release: June 2016
Genre: Fiction / Thriller
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