Delhi – The Night That Was Diwali by Arun Prakash

A poignant poem on Diwali in Delhi by Arun Prakash on our writing prompt #Festicity. Here's wishing all our readers a great Diwali! Poetic text messages,promising you prosperity and happiness,in a recession hit Diwali,some littered with unfamiliar emoticons,images on whatsapp and bbm, some videos too,whatever happened to those postman delivered Diwali

Raindrops on Paper — By Arvind Passey

A few raindrops, on paper, smudging the colours and hues can be motivational and inspirational. Read our last publication on #Raindropsonpaper prompt, an inspirational story by Arvind Passey. ‘Another wayward white strand into the bin,’ he muttered, as he stretched his right hand to throw in the bin whatever it was