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Melonade’3 – Take a bow winners !

So here we go .... after lot of thinking and discussing, the final results for Melonade'3 with personalized comments from our judges. Winners take a bow ! 1st prize :  Taboo - By Sayantan Ghosh A unanimous decision by all the judges and one of the most commented post on writersmelon site and the

Midnight oil

Here I am, burning the midnight oil,Surrounded by thick, bound tomesOf knowledge.But all that's ensued from my midnight's toilIs the burn I feel in my weary eyes.The splash of cold water on my faceSmarts my skin, burns harder still.I am tired, I am weak;I long to curl up in utopian

Charming her way

Standing in the stony silence of the midnight,She gazed at the sky infinite.Immense pain willingly concealed in her heart,That if surfaced could tear anything apart. Her enticing eyes that had charmed many,Brimmed with tears for now they couldn’t hold any.Her candid Smile and vibrant laughter that rejuvenated all,buried and sunk

A nocturnal affair

Darkness envelops you. It’s been too dark for way too long. Like a madman, you scurry along towards what you hope is the light. There’s someone there with you, in the darkness. You cannot see them, but their presence can be felt. Maybe they’re your nocturnal friends, creatures of the night, not