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Krishna Udayasankar – Immortalizing Ancient Epics In Modern Words

Author Krishna Udayasankar’s The Aryavarta Chronicles Series retells the Mahabharata in one of the most epic ways possible. Her crisp narrative catapulted Krishna Udayasankar into a league of her own, garnering widespread acclaim. The positivity keeps rolling in still. According to the author, the most inspiring feedback she receives is

The Purpose Of Writing This Book Is To See India March Ahead – Sumit Agarwal

'My purpose behind writing this book is this dream I had since childhood…to see India march ahead' - says Sumit Agarwal - author, musician, public speaker and industrialist.  Who is Sumit Agarwal? I am an IIT-Kanpur pass out from the 1998 batch, currently running my chemicals manufacturing business. I am working full time