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The Chronic Mansion – By Azhar Sabri

The Chronic Mansion
Azhar Sabri, the man who started his career writing poetry and has since written two titles in Urdu, Urdu Poetry Book and Sarhad Ke Us Paar, which was a fiction, has come up now with The Chronic Mansion, an English novel.
After struggling for many years, the book was published by Blue Rose Publishers and was released worldwide last month. Written by a young man who hails from a remote village in Gaya district, Bihar, and who wrote three titles back to back – Azhar Sabri published his third title The Chronic Mansion in February 2017.

Writing a book was his dream and he decided to be an author when he completed his matriculation and the way to achieve his dream was not easy, but he didn’t lose hope. He started his career writing Urdu poetry. He learned basics of poetry for around a year and then started his career with his first title Urdu Poetry Book which was a collection of poetry. Encouraged by many relatives and people, his first creation received many accolades.

He, then, published his debut novel Sarhad Ke Us Paar, an Urdu novel, while pursuing graduation. The response was not that good, but after completion of his degree in English honors he decided to write in English and completed his first English title.

Many publishing houses rejected his script but with high hopes, he submitted his script to Blue Rose Publishers. A few months later, the publishing house welcomed him with open arms.

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As he said in a talk, ‘Of course, this is my first English novel and finally I have revealed my dream in the form of a book.’ He is working on another project which can be expected till mid of 2018. The project will be covering a nationwide topic of early marriage and triple talaq.

As he briefed for his upcoming title, he said, ‘I am a practicing Muslim and I understand the complexities of the shariah law and the system of triple talaq.’ The issue is very relevant in present times.

He has already signed two more projects with Blue Rose Publishers.


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