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I Write To Give Food For Thought To My Soul – Bhaumik Shah

Who is Bhaumik Shah?

A pensive person by nature who enjoys pondering over life bewilderments. A mechanical engineer, rural management graduate and now an author – who strongly believes people are way beyond degrees, designations and career titles!

From a Facebook page to a Published book

When I think of the best things that ever happened to me– birth of my FB page ‘Gyaan‘ takes one of the top 3 spots! March 4, 2014 – memories from the day are still afresh. I was sitting on my office table thinking how I could add more spice to my life, and a thought flashed – start writing!

Sometimes, we spend a lot of time, only thinking what we should do and most of those times, ‘thinking kills!’ You stop doing things when you keep thinking. So, without further thinking a decision was made – an FB page that would gracefully accept the thoughts I would otherwise pen down on pages of a diary and also take me to people who shared my thought space.

The goal was to start writing for myself. To put my own philosophical and practical thoughts in digital world. And that’s how Gyaan was born.

As an amateur writer, I never thought Gyaan would go viral so quickly. As on February 11, 2017 it is followed by 80,055 awesome souls! Along with hundreds of posts, the page has also witnessed countless life interactions through inbox messages and comments.

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Human mind often keeps looking for next destinations. As a motivated individual, I always keep thinking of “the next”. And in this thinking process, few close friends played a part of added fuel. There were numerous occasions when I thought about writing this book but could actually never start. However, constant reminders and motivation from few friends ended up in me putting everything on paper.

About the book

This book is a compilation of 178 selected posts from Gyaan’s FB page. The reason behind the number ‘178’ is 17/08/1986 – is the day I was born, and I just love birthdays 🙂 It’s the day when I got a chance to experience this beautiful world.

The aim of this book is not to change any one’s life. Not to solve any one’s problems. The goal is just to make everyone realize – that we all have problems and it’s fine to have them. To make one understand – that not every question has an answer, not every problem has a solution. What all we need is to accept life as it is. Think. Act. Make mistakes. Learn and Move. That’s all what we can do. That’s all we can expect from this little life.

What does it feel to be an author?

It has been a month since book launched. And many people ask “how do you feel after becoming an author? How many copies are sold? How does it feel to publish your own book?”

And again, my introspective mind goes back to the main question – why did I start writing? Why did I think of publishing a book at first place? The fundamental reason for writing was to give some food for thought to my own soul. I write because I like thinking my own thoughts. I like putting them somewhere. I like to analyse situation and life. (Even though I believe – life cannot be understood). The reason I write is simply because I like writing! Simply because it makes me happy!

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A colleague of mine wrote a short note after my book release:

“Congratulations! Finishing a book is a great accomplishment but does a writer revel in it? I always had this question for writers and authors. A musician plays the last note and the crowd roars, an athlete throws her arms into the air, and an actor walks on the stage to take a bow. How about a writer? Honestly, I had no idea about it, but yesterday I found my answer in your smile!”

And that’s exactly why I write! It makes me smile. And that smile is worth million dollars.

Your advice to aspiring authors

There is nothing more satisfying in life than smelling your own book.

Get yourself out to the world. We live once and life is short.

We are lucky to live in a world where self-publishing options are available to fulfill our dreams. Don’t hold off on your dreams if you love writing. Let the rest of the world dive into your own world.

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