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Winners : #ILoveMyWork

Our last writing prompt of 2016 was #ILoveMyWork. It is heartening to say that we have received such beautiful entries about people standing by the work that has enriched them. The winners have been announced and apart from the Top 3 winners who get amazing vouchers, there are 7 more entries that have won our hearts.

Here’s an excerpt from of all the winner entries. Do read their stories, get inspired and choose the work that you’d love to do. We sincerely hope that these stories will motivate a lot of people to take the plunge.


Becoming a writer was never the plan. I too, like every ‘sane’ person, took to concrete dreams and set aside the one of pursuing paleontology to become an engineer, the stable choice. My job was not very exciting, nor was it difficult. Two years later, while still working for the organization, I took up a second job as a freelance writer and the words finally consumed me – Divya Kumar

I have been a chef for the last 20 years and it was always my dream to do something of my own like the majority of us do. But, what exactly to do was the question. I then started this unique concept called, ‘Stay with a Chef.’ In this, I have bought this decent house which I have converted into a homestay, a culinary homestay if you prefer. Guests come here for a 3-day package. The work that I do is not that profitable monetarily, but it has given me a certain place in the society which a lot of people would envy – Amit Pamnani 

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During my childhood, when I was growing up, I was really fond of reading books. But then life happened, and my sole focus was on taking up commerce, doing an MBA, and getting a job in marketing. But for some reason, I wasn’t too pleased with what I was doing. I began to lose interest in it. And a few months later, I discovered that I had blood cancer. The past seven years have been anything but smooth for me. When I was at the hospital, I began writing poems. I’d like to develop my writing skills and eventually, publish my worksSahas Mehra

Work? What is work? What I do is not that, for sure. I do what I cannot not do, rather. Okay, okay. Not all days are good. I agree. Work days for example, are different. On such days, Pick yourself up and walk yourself to the balcony/ window/ washroom basin. Anywhere! Just look around. Choose a spot. And then, fix your gaze. Once you are back at your desk, describe it. Just start, from wherever you are and whatever you see. I do not work in my spare time! Spare times are spare times. You see, I just write!Sinjini Sengupta

‘So, you are a lecturer?,’ asked one of the many aunties at a wedding, looking at me with some surprise and more disdain. ‘But you did engineering right? Both my sons are in the US, high flying corporate jobs.’ No job would ever give me the satisfaction of being a teacher, a friend and an adviser, all rolled into one. We have no deadly office politics in college, the better you teach, the more popular you become. And your success only encourages others to teach better. ‘There are some things money can’t buy… for everything else… well… you have corporate.’Preethi Warrier

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I always ask questions to myself like ‘Is it the work that I want to do? Am I enjoying my work?’ My answer to the questions is Yes. One day, my parents called me up & asked me, ‘You have to choose one – marriage or education.’ I replied, ‘I would be glad if you the spend money on my education that you saved for my marriage.’ Yes, I love my work, do it on my conditions, following all the rules & values that I have set for it. This gives me mental peace & satisfaction. And I’m happy, the day I’ll die I will have no regrets from my life & my work – Bushra Nausheen

Art. I belong to art. I paint my imaginations. I love making art. What can be more satisfying than loving what you do? I draw, I fill colours to my imagination. Doesn’t it sound beautiful? The life of an artist is also like a canvas painted with the present thought. I feel blessed to be an artist, to have this form of art engraved in within me. Yes, I am an artist. I love art. I’m art. To me, art is worship. Last but not the least, if you can’t love what you do, you can’t love yourself. So, to truly live your life, simply love what you doRasna Acharya

I’d had about enough of fabrics, colours, and designs

And saving costs by the nickels and dimes

Working long and late hours

No time to smell the flowers

Just so I could meet targets and client deadlines?

But in the last few months I realised

How I love to read a book and analyse – Ashima Jain

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I had been barely 18 years old and a week-old intern in a small auditing firm, when my employer walked into her room with a client, to find me sleeping, like a toddler. They both hadn’t woken me up at all, for some reason. My internship was where I came to learn about people and their eccentricities. It made me realize that an office is never – just a workplace. You learn to read people, what drives them and it helps you growSindhuri Sathiyaraj

Whenever I am asked whether #ILoveMyWork as a writer, my immediate answer comes as YES. Writing allows me to create a world just the way I want to create it. Writing has been my dream and I am so happy living it. To me being a published author is ambitious and writing each day, I work slowly towards my goal. I know I can make it because if writing has taught me anything, it’s taught me how to make my dreams come trueRomila Chitturi


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