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The Ugly tooth

The worst possible chair you would find yourself in would be that of a Dentist’s. Just the thought of sitting on that cozy chair gives me a nervous breakdown. Thats the only seat till date which has hurt me in spite of being so spongy and soft.
It always reminds me of the games and movies, where a mad scientist does hell of experiments on a dead body. Blood all over. There is no count to how many tools they have on that sliding bench of theirs.
Impending pain is never so horrifying, when the doctor slowly wears the hand gloves, puts on the green surgical mask, just before he gives a pretty smile to you. the last thing he lifts the drill, checks it first for proper water flow. All this time, you are sitting on the soft chair, waiting for your turmoil.
Albeit you are quite sure that its the only solution you have. Frankly I have seen grown ups cry on that chair and thats not an exaggeration. I have always admired the skill of that person. Man its tougher than sculpting ‘The thinker’. They don’t have a different stone lying there ‘just in case’. All this with a constant agitated movement by the patient. the Fear is more than the actual needle. I am yet to see a calm face without suppressed panic in the waiting room of the doctor.
But as an engineer, I have always loved the precision of those instruments. Such superfine drills, with a great accuracy. I would not like to imagine if the drill misfires due to some technical fault when its in your mouth. Consider a situation where we need to write a program for its embedded system. would you guarantee that the code would be bug free?
Coming to the reality though, Thank god, that I’m not into such business. Its Okay to make some mistakes here. Your bugs don’t cause a person to faint with pain, till then its alright.
P.S : My dentist says, don’t drink much coffee, at least wash your mouth quickly after that; the sugar, milk combo is bad for your health and Strict no-no to any colored toothpastes as well, no more ‘Paas aao, Paas aao, meri saanson mein samao’ for me at least 🙂  
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